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Western Career college will take your money and give you discrimination. I am a 4.0 student at this school, have already completed the program and paid $33,000.

The director of the surgical technology program, Karen Shirley has droped me from the program after graduating with honors. Karen Shirley bases students grades on how she feels about them rather than their hard work. Karen has become too power stricken in her position as director of surgical technology. She is sending people out into surgery based on the favors they do for her so in turn, these people are dangerous to the patient because they don't know what they are doing.

Due to a failing grade on a test, Karen is dropping me from the program. While another student of caucasian decent made deadly mistakes and passed the same test.

I don't feel i should have to pay for this dicriminatory school where my credits wont transfer.

Review about: Western Career College Program.

Monetary Loss: $33.

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Huntersville, North Carolina, United States #1228492

This just looks like someone playing the ever present race card. If you would have left out the part where your black it would sound more valid. It's hard to take someone whining about the issue is that they're black and that's why they were mistreated seriously because ppl use the race card constantly over every tiny little thing.


Yeah i can agree on WCC is a scam i was the first well myself and5 other students to graduate from their HIT program. Basically you end up with a 17,000 debt to be a receptionist!!!They forget to mention EVERYONE hireing for this postion MUST HAVE @the least 2years WORK EXPERIENCE!!!No one wants to hire a newbie to bill for their money


You should have waited to post your rant. Now we all look bad!


I herby recant my complaint made on this site regarding Western Career College and its employees. We have settled our differences.

Nichols, New York, United States #24116


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